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The Potato House Project is a community initiative to rehabilitate one of the last standing downtown heritage houses at 48 Borland Street in Williams Lake, British Columbia, Canada. 

Starting as a coffeehouse meeting of entrepreneurs, only 6 months later we are working towards purchasing the building to create a Centre for Sustainability with renovation playshops, participation in the installation of all green technology (greywater recycling systems, solar hot water, thermal exchange and more) and Community Garden. 

Food Policy Council could help create educational opportunities in community gardens, food storage, greenhouses and anything else they can think up. 

Thank you to City Councilor Laurie Walters for her continuing interest and enthusiasm for this heritage property. MP Fin Donnally, and the BC Rivershed Society support organizer Mary Forbes for working towards this goal. We are very thankful for their encouragement.

The Potato House History

Built in the 1930’s, this little house is believed to be the first structure built by the Borkowski brothers in what later became known as the “Borkowski Block” of buildings they built around the Maple Leave Hotel (now Caribou Ski). The best part of this unconfirmed story is that none of the Borkowski’s were initially carpenters and would read books obtained through railway library loan about home building by lamplight each night, then go out and work on the house the next day. A true testament to the abilities of Cariboo Pioneers!

A later owner bought this house in 1956. Many people in Williams Lake remember the fabulous subsistence garden he and his wife grew for over 50 years, and best known of all were their plentiful potatoes (hence the community nickname).


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Phone: 250 855-8443

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