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Zirnhelt Ranch •

Producers of Grassfed & Finished Beef • Pasture Raised Pork •

Welcome to the Zirnhelt Ranch, a family owned and operated ranch located in Beaver Valley BC.  Beaver Valley is a lush agricultural oasis located in the western foothills of the Cariboo Mountains near the city of Williams Lake.   The climate is ideally suited for grazing cattle on fertile pastures and producing high quality hay.  
Our family believes in sustainable food production thus we use farming methods which minimize the ecological impact on our natural environment.  We strive to minimize our impact by:

  • Raising and finishing our beef on our pastures and local range land
  • Not using chemical fertilizers or pesticides
  • Not using hormones
  • Not supplementing with grain or corn feed
  • Respecting the natural environment and wildlife

Phone: 250 243-2243

Website: www.zirnheltranch.ca

Email: susanzirnhelt@yahoo.com

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